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10 Companies That Will Pay You For Spreading Positive Word of Mouth

It's always good to help a friend, but it's even better when you get something in return. Many shy away from referral programs because they feel like they need to become salespeople or they think the offer is too good to be true. The truth is that a referral program is just a company's way of rewarding you for your positive word of mouth. While any reward is worthwhile, these are some of the most generous referral programs online.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a popular investment firm that rewards referrals in a big way. When you refer a friend, and they receive a qualifying deposit, Charles Schwabb rewards you with up to $1,000 for the referral. While this is an incredibly generous offer, you'll have to have friends with deep pockets to see that reward level, but even if your friends deposit as little as $25,000 in securities, the company will give you a healthy $100 reward.



Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can go to offer their services. The platform began with a simple idea of people providing services for a five-dollar flat rate but quickly grew into an online freelance marketplace where freelancers can charge what they are worth. This is important because of how Fiverr runs its referral program. When you refer a friend, you are rewarded with Fiverr credits worth ten percent of their first purchase while they get a ten percent discount on their first purchase. You are eligible for up to $500 in Fiverr credits this way. 



Ibotta has built a reputation over the past decade as arguably the most popular cash-back app that pays you for the everyday items you already buy. When you refer friends to Ibotta, you both get a ten-dollar reward, and your friend also gets a five-dollar bonus. There is no limit to the number of referral rewards one can receive, so with enough friends who like to save money; you can rack up the cash. Referral Program & Friends Account

There are a few ways you can earn money with Our referral program allows for any account holder (All 4 account types qualify), the opportunity to earn $50 for every person referred who also opens an active account.

In addition to the $50 referral program, also has the Friends Account. This account has a built in feature for earning referral rewards. You can learn more about that account here.



Rakuten has been around for a while, but it seems like they continue to grow in popularity, likely due in part to their referral program. The company offers cashback offers, coupons, and other ways to save money online. For this program, every time you get a friend to sign up and spend at least thirty dollars in the first ninety days, you get a thirty-dollar reward in your account. Thirty dollars may not seem like much at a glance, but it can add up quickly, and it's free money. 



Robinhood made a splash as the first commission-free stock trading company and has continued offering investors a do-it-yourself platform. Robinhood's referral program is unique because it can be equally as lucrative as it is disappointing. Whenever you refer a friend, and they link their bank account, both of you will get a free stock; however, that free stock can be anything from a penny stock to a blue chip. You can be awarded up to $1,500 in stocks each calendar year. 



Swagbucks is a micro-tasking website that lets users make money for completing several tasks online, like taking surveys and watching advertisements. Users can cash out their Swagbucks for gift cards and Paypal deposits, and dedicated users will see the money add up. Instead of a flat dollar amount, Swagbucks gives users ten percent of what the person they refer earns, but as an added benefit, if the person referred manages to tally up 300 Swagbucks in the first thirty days, Swagbucks will reward you with your own 300 Swagbucks. 



The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Tesla is its cars, but the company also manufactures and distributes solar equipment, and they offer a generous referral program for those who help spread the word. Tesla will pay you up to $500 per referral when your friends and family use your link to install and activate solar products on their homes. Unlike most of the other programs on this list, Tesla will only let you use your link a certain number of times, so be cautious about how and who you share it with. 



The mobile market is crowded, so it makes sense that companies will do what they can to attract business their way. T-Mobile has a generous referral program, but it has a few caveats. The mobile company will give you fifty dollars per referral sign-up; however, the referral cannot have been under a T-mobile or one of their subsidiary's contracts within the past 90 days. The company pays up to $500 yearly for referrals, which are deposited onto a Virtual Express prepaid Mastercard. 



As one of the country's largest cable and internet providers, you wouldn't think that Xfinity would need any help spreading the word, but they still have a generous referral program. You can make up to $175 in prepaid Visa gift cards when you refer a friend to the company, and you can make up to $500 in a calendar year in that manner. 


Make these generous referral programs work for you

Referral programs offer a win-win situation for both the referrer and the company. By spreading the word about a product or service you love, you can not only help a friend but also earn rewards for yourself. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these generous referral programs online. Start referring and start earning today!



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